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Welcome to
Gridiron Torc

Welcome to
Gridiron Torc

what we offer



Why Rent from us?

Proudly serving Northern Alberta and all of Western Canada, Gridiron Torc offers many tools for any application.  We have a large inventory of hydraulic torque wrenches ranging in sizes and specifications for rent.  All our rental inventory is regularly serviced and come with a calibration certificate to ensure you stay compliant when the tools arrive at your site.  We will proudly work with you to customize your rental tooling to give you the best price and make it cost effective for your project.



Why Buy from us?

We provide product sales customized to fit your needs.  We will work with you to determine the best price possible.  We carry the best tools in the industry at competitive prices.  With the Fastest delivery times in the industry, we can customize any order size with delivery times of three weeks, so you don't have to wait six weeks or six months like some of our competitors delivery times.  So when we say "two week delivery" you can be assured that your tools will arrive on time.




At Gridiron Torc we pride ourselves on making customer service our first priority.  We listen to our customers needs or concerns to come up with a strategic plan to help guide you in the right direction.  We guarantee all our services so you can feel confident knowing no matter what, we have you covered.  We are North Western Alberta's only fully serviced 


REPAIRS: We can repair any brand of hydraulic wrench, pumps.  We stock replacement parts in house.

FIELD SERVICE: Our experienced torque crews are fully certified on all the up to date training and a fully qualified and mentored.

CALIBRATIONS:  We can re-calibrate in house any brand of hydraulic torque wrench, manual mechanical wrenches,  pneumatic multipliers (J-GUNS). Our fast turnaround times can limit your down time and save you money